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IMMI Art Gallery
Based 2011
IMMI is a gallery with a special atmosphere, which is located in the center of Moscow. It combines the exposition space and the workshop and offers its visitors a unique opportunity of immersion into the creativity alchemy

The exact meaning of the gallery name is - I aM Mariana & Irina. The deeper decoding of the abbreviation refers to the aesthetic code of these artists. Imagination of Microcosm & Macrocosmic Impulse. The artists, Marianna Chaykina and Irina Kovalevskaya, explore the line between impression and insight in their creations, working at the intersection of figurative and abstract language. They are united by the same teachers and common aesthetic program.
The artists’ worldview is close to the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) agenda, the sustainable development principles proclaimed by the UN. This is manifested in the themes, means and goals of their creativity. Artists use canvases and paints made from natural materials, advocate respect for nature and cultural heritage, and informally engage in charitable activities. Thanks to the charity auction project initiated by the artists, the house-museum of MartirosSaryan in Yerevan was restored.

The themes and aesthetics of the paintings by Marianna Chaykina and Irina Kovalevskaya reflect their desire to contribute to the soul ecology on a global human level. In terms of form, they experiment with a combination of techniques such as realism, impressionism and abstractionism in order for their message to become universal from the point of view of the artistic language, and to be understood by the viewer with any cultural code, on any continent. And the plots themselves are dedicated to the deep meaning of simple things. The experience of comprehending the dynamics of the universal and the unique prompted Marianna Chaykina and Irina Kovalevskaya to search for a new plastic language.The painting of Marianna and Irina is a consistent work to harmonize the relationship ofa man with anothera man, with nature, with the Universe and, above all, with him/herself.

The mission of IMMI is not only to teach the audience to find beauty in the ordinary, but also to shift the viewer's attention to the need for sustainable development of the society and the individual.
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